If you have any trouble, contact us at:075-641-19431 (Hours: Weekdays 9:00 AM -5:00 PM) Emergency contact number outside business hours:075-634-7757 If you have any trouble, contact us at:075-641-19431 (Hours: Weekdays 9:00 AM -5:00 PM) Emergency contact number outside business hours:075-634-7757

Tips from Taikoh Employees

What should you do in these kinds of situations?

Here are answers to frequently asked questions from residents.

QThe kitchen and the bathroom smell very bad!


If the washing machine area and bathroom smell bad, it may be because the water sealing tube (photo 1) is loose. Tightening the water sealing tube (photo 2) can prevent a foul odor flowing backward from the drain pipe. If that does not work and you still smell the odor, the deodorizing cap may be off. If it is left off, it may cause the growth of fungi due to moisture, so please contact us immediately in such a case.* The same may be true for other types of washstands.

  • 封水筒
  • 封水筒

In order to prevent a foul odor from the drain port of the kitchen sink, turn the water sealing tube (trap lid) under the garbage receiving basket in the direction of the arrow as shown in the picture. Tightening the water sealing tube will prevent a foul odor from flowing back up from the drain port.

QThe front door is too heavy; it is hard to open it.


When the vent fan is on, the air inside the room flows outward, causing negative pressure, which may hinder opening/closing of the front door.
This can be resolved when the vent fan is turned off. Using the fan in a light operation mode while keeping the ventilation breath open (photo 3) may also reduce this issue.

ventilation breath

QThe vent fans in the bathroom, toilet, and washroom do not work.


We use a ceiling embedded ventilation fan (photo 4) in most of our apartments. Two (or three) inlet ports are installed on the ceilings of the toilet and the bathroom (or the washroom), and these two inlet ports are connected to one ventilating device by air ducts to ventilate the air. In most cases, switches are installed both in the toilet and the bathroom; if either one is pressed, both places will be ventilated simultaneously.
The same goes for the vent fan with a sign of 24-hour ventilation (photo 5); the fans may work in conjunction. If you notice that the main ventilating device is not working, it may be out of order, so in this case please contact us immediately.
* The specifications of the ventilation fan may differ depending on the room.

QI have no hot water. Only cold water comes out of the tap.


Go out of the apartment and open the metal maintenance door next to your front door. If you see the malfunction light of the gas meter on, press the reset button to resolve this issue. If there is still no hot water, please contact us immediately.

Procedure to reset
(when there is no smell of gas)

  1. Turn off all the gas appliances.
    Make sure to turn off the outside appliances too.
  2. Remove the cap of the reset button.
  3. Firmly push in the reset button and then slowly release your finger from the button.
    A red indicator light comes on, and then it starts blinking again.
    * In some cases the indicator light won’t come on.
  4. Wait for about three minutes.
    If the light has stopped blinking, gas is available again. If the light is still blinking, repeat the procedure from .
If this procedure does not work,
contact the Osaka Gas Customer Service Center.


QThe faucet is leaking. What should I do?


If water is leaking from the faucet, the base of the faucet, or the base of the pipe even after you turn off the faucet completely, it is possible that the problem is deteriorated packing material inside the faucet. This may cause the water charge to go beyond the base rate, so please contact us immediately.

QThe air conditioner is not working well, and the air feels dusty…


This may be caused by clogged filters, so please try to clean them. First, open the cover of the air conditioner and take out the filters. Then, spray some cleaning detergent (a commercially available detergent will work fine) onto the filters and scrub them with a brush. A toothbrush will work fine. Finally rinse them clean with water and dry them with cloth.

Wash the filters gently; never scrub the filters hard in water.

QI have lost my key!


Please come to the reception desk at our main office within business hours (9:00 AM- 5:00 PM) so we can lend you a spare key. Lending is free of charge for a week, but after one week has passed, a fee of 2,000 yen (for a regular key, photo 1) or 6,000 yen (for a dimple key, photo 2) will be charged. If you contact us outside business hours, ALSOK will take care of the situation (an additional cost will be charged). In that case too, you need to come to our main office to receive a spare key.

  • Regular keyRegular key
  • Dimple keyDimple key

QThe lightbulb has burned out!


If this happens within six months of moving in, we will replace the lightbulb for free. Feel free to contact us.* Please understand that a fee will be charged if you have resided there more than six months.

Requests from Taikoh

Please do not take the elbow with you (see the picture below)!

If you take the elbow with you along with your washing machine when you move out, a fee (maintenance fee) will be charged. As the elbow is equipment installed in the apartment, you need to return it to us.


Please do not put your personal belongings in the communal area!

Do not put your personal belongings in the communal areas such as the piping space and the shared corridor, as it will make trouble for other residents.
Do not put your umbrella in the shared corridor, as it will make the floor wet and slippery, which is dangerous.

Please park your bicycle/ car in the designated area!

Please park your bicycle/moped inside the parking spot. Bicycles and mopeds without parking permit stickers (see below) will be taken away, so please purchase a parking permit sticker and put it on the body of your bicycle/moped where it can be seen easily.

Parking permit stickerParking permit sticker (above: for moped, below: for bicycles)

* As a general rule, only one parking spot is allocated to one resident.

Follow the rules!Guidelines for garbage disposal

  • Put garbage in a colorless transparent or white transparent bag and take it out.
  • Make sure to close the lid of the dumpster and/or put the net over the garbage.
  • Securely tie the opening of the bag.
  • Guidelines for taking out the garbage may differ depending on the apartment.


Do not put burnables and cans/ glass bottles/ PET bottles in the same bag.

Cans, glass bottles, PET bottles

You will find designated bags (transparent bags) for recyclables at the garbage pickup station of the apartment. Put your cans, glass bottles and PET bottles directly into those bags, not into smaller bags first.

Make sure that the cans and bottles are empty!

Glassware, ceramics, etc.

Wrap fragile items, broken glassware and sharp-edged objects with paper and take them out as burnables.

Wrap them with paper, as their exposed sharp parts may pose a significant danger.


Flatten your cardboard boxes, tie them into bundles with strings and take them out.

Make sure the bundles are tied tightly!

Oversized garbage (large-sized garbage)

Contact the Kyoto City Large-sized Garbage Collection Center for disposal of oversized garbage.

Oversized garbage (large-sized garbage)

* The photo is for illustration purposes only.


  • Newspapers
  • Miscellaneous recyclable paper
  • Fluorescent lamps
  • Old clothing
  • Used food oil
  • Dry cell batteries
    (includeing button batteries and rechargeable batteries)
  • Blades
  • Etc.
    * The photos are for illustration purposes only.

Kyoto City collects recyclables at various locations.
Check out the website below for details.

Kyoto City recyclable collection map

Thank you for your cooperation in separating your garbage.

We keep the pickup stations clean.