Information for Residents

If you have any trouble, contact us at:075-641-19431 (Hours: Weekdays 9:00 AM -5:00 PM) Emergency contact number outside business hours:075-634-7757 If you have any trouble, contact us at:075-641-19431 (Hours: Weekdays 9:00 AM -5:00 PM) Emergency contact number outside business hours:075-634-7757

Electricity and Gas

For electricity and gas, you need to contact an electricity company and a gas company to make a contract on your own. Due to the deregulation of electricity and gas, you can choose a company to suit your preference.

Kansai Electric Power Co., Inc.
<Apartments in Fushimi Ward>
<Apartments in areas other than Fushimi Ward>
Kanden Gas

Applications for use of electricity and gas can be completed online.

Click here to apply for
electricity and gas service

Osaka Gas Service Shop

Applications for use of electricity and gas can be completed online.

Click here to apply for
electricity and gas service

※You are required to be present when a gas service representative visits you at your apartment to open the gas valve, so you need to arrange the date and time with the gas shop.


  • The building management company takes charge of water, so you do not need to make or cancel a contract.
  • Payment for water charges (the basic rate: 4,500 yen for 20㎥ or less) should be made once every two months (on the even-numbered months), together with the rent.
  • For those who pay rent by direct deposit, the water charge will also be withdrawn from the same account on even-numbered months.
  • For those who pay rent by cash, please make sure to bring the water charge as well on even-numbered months.
  • If you use more water than the fixed amount, an additional fee will be charged. If your water usage exceeds 20㎥, it will cost 370 yen per cubic meter for the excess portion.
  • We will not give you a notification when your water charge is the basic rate (20㎥ or less).
  • If your water charge exceeds the basic rate, we will notify you of such around the 20th of the even-numbered month.
  • If you fail to pay your water charge on the due date and pay it on the following month, you will be charged with a penalty fee of 500 yen (if you pay later than the 15th of the month on which the direct deposit is attempted again, the penalty fee will be 1,000 yen).


Guidelines for taking out cardboard, burnable waste and recyclable garbage

  • Collection days are Monday through Saturday. (Garbage is not collected on Sundays and national holidays.)
  • Take out your garbage in colorless or white transparent bags.
  • Separate PET bottles, cans and bottles and put them in different bags.
  • Tie cardboard into bundles and take them out to the garbage pickup station.

Detailed guidelines
for garbage disposal

For large-sized garbage, futons (Japanese-style mattresses) and the like, contact the Kyoto City Large-sized Garbage Collection Center.

  • <Kyoto City Large-sized Garbage Collection Center> 
  • <From a cell phone>     
  •  Hours/8:30~16:30

Please contact us at the office if you have any questions about garbage disposal.

Kyoto City garbage disposal
information PDF


How to Pay Rent and Other Expenses

  • As a general rule, the rent, water charge and other fees for the month must be paid by the end of the previous month by direct deposit through a post office or the Fujinomori Branch of Kyoto Bank. ← You need to apply for direct deposit by filling out the bank transfer request form attached with the contract documents.
  • If your payment is overdue, you will be charged with a penalty fee.
  • If the direct deposit cannot be performed on the due date due to insufficient funds in your bank account, the direct deposit will be attempted again later (on the 15th of the month) after you deposit your money into your account, which means the following penalty fees will be charged.
  • <Penalty fee if payment is not settled at the end of the month>

    Rent Water charge Renewal charge
    2,000yen 500yen 5,000yen

    <Penalty fee if payment is not settled on the day the direct deposit is attempted again>

    Rent Water charge Renewal charge
    3,000yen 1,000yen 7,000yen


  • If you own a bicycle/motorcycle, please put our designated parking permit sticker on the body of your bicycle/motorcycle and park it in the designated area. (Price: 200 yen per bike)

    【 Parking permit sticker(for bicycles)】

    ※Stickers for large- and middle-displacement motorcycles are in a different color.

  • As a general rule, you are not allowed to park a motorcycle over 50cc. However, in apartments with a parking area for large- and middle-displacement motorcycles, you may be allowed to park one under a special agreement.
  • An extra monthly fee is charged for a large- or middle-displacement motorcycle. Contact us for details.


  • As a general rule, it is prohibited to make copies of keys provided for use at the building.
  • If you should lose your key, contact us immediately.
  • We will give you a spare key (a master key) in exchange for 2,000 yen for regular keys, and for 6,000 yen for dimple keys. If you find the key and return the spare key within one week, we will refund the fee in full. After one week, however, we will not refund the fee as we need to have a new key made.
  • We will give you only one key when you move in. If you need a spare key, you can purchase one. The price is the same as above. When you move out, return all the keys to us. (We will not refund the fees paid for the extra keys.)

Moving Out

  • Please submit the lease termination form (found on the last page of the lease contract) no later than two months prior to the month of moving out. (The rent and management fee must be paid for two months after the month you submitted the lease termination form.)
  • If you wish to terminate the lease and move out immediately, two months’ rent and management fees must be paid.
  • The lease termination form can be submitted online.

    Lease termination form

Long-term Absence Due to Studying Abroad, Leaving Japan, Etc.

  • Please notify us of your emergency contact information when you are away for a long period of time.
  • You need to pay the rent, water charge and other expenses even while you are away.
  • Please submit a notification of change of address at the post office so your mail will be delivered to your family home.
  • Please make sure to close the gas tap and turn off electricity before you leave!
  • Right before you leave the apartment, flush the toilet several times and flow extra water into the kitchen sink so the underfloor piping doesn’t become clogged while you are away.

Change of Contact Information and Lease Details

  • Please inform us immediately if there are any changes in the information you gave us at the time of signing the contract.
  • The address of your family home, your phone number, your place of employment, etc.
  • Please inform us when you graduate from school and start working.

    Lease details renewal form

Disaster Prevention

  • Please check the evacuation route when you move in.
  • Phone signals and services are unreliable during disasters. If you wish to contact us immediately but are unable to reach us by phone, DM us at our Twitter account.
  • In the event a disaster occurs, our representative may visit you at the apartment for safety confirmation.

Hazard map

TwitterTaikoh Twitter


  • Remember to lock the front door, balcony windows and bathroom window when you go out.
  • Safekeeping of your key is your responsibility.
  • Inform us immediately if you should lose your key.
  • If you lose your key, we recommend having the front door lock changed to prevent possible crimes from happening. It will cost extra 30,000 yen.

Consultation about Relocation

We manage a lot of apartments in a large area of Kyoto.
Feel free to contact us; we will strive to accommodate your needs, including relocating to a new apartment in Kyoto Prefecture, keeping your rent costs down to suit a certain budget or renting a better place☺

Consultation about relocation form